Our Story



Stori was founded by jewellery designer, artist and silversmith, Laura Lake, to create meaningful keepsakes that tell a story.  Each piece is mindfully crafted and designed to last. 

Love is at the heart of what we do; from the first design, right through to the finished piece and fully respecting the process in between.  Aspiring to make sentimental, modern day heirlooms that can be cherished and passed down through generations. Whether bought as a gesture for a special person or self gifted, this love and strength is reflected in each piece.

Our carefully curated collection combines the simplicity of day time with the stylish elegance of evening wear so your pieces can be worn all the way through.

Your jewellery is individually handwrapped and presented in beautiful packaging.


 'I adore the idea that jewellery is an expression of your mind and your current mood.  With just one piece of jewellery, you can change or enhance a whole outfit.'